Friday, May 31, 2013

Cricket Lane, Rollinsford (1975-1985)

A typical late Mid-20th Century Modern subdivision, Rollinford’s Cricket Lane cul-du-sac incorporates a mix of architectural styles, including raised ranches, ranch houses, traditional capes, garrison-style houses, and one modern house with uneven roof pitches, a monitor at the ridgepole and vertical batten-board siding. Built as the Mid-20th Century Modern period drew to a close, the variety of modern and traditional housing styles at Cricket Lane reflects the movement’s inclusive picture.
From post-World War II through the Disco era, Mid-20th Century Modernism saw the rise in popularity and development of new architectural forms that utilized experimental designs and materials. Traditional architectural forms and details also retained popularity; of note, a Mid-20th Century Modern vision of the Colonial Revival experienced resurgence in the 1970s as the United States prepared to celebrate its bicentennial. Today, Mid-20th Century Modern buildings are our newest classics, to be enjoyed for generations as an important part of New Hampshire’s architectural history.

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